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0002714SkyChart1-Softwarepublic24-03-09 10:12
ReporterBastian Blankenburg Assigned To 
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PlatformMacOSmacOSOS Version14.3
Product Version4.2 
Summary0002714: Extremely slow performance on M1 Mac
DescriptionOn my 2021 14inch MBP (M1, 16GB RAM), skychart is so slow that it's basically unusable. It often takes one or more seconds for the chart to react to my input (mouse).

The fact that it isn't available as a native build for Apple Silicon (ARM) might play a role; but it seems so slow that this might not be the only issue?
Steps To ReproduceRun skychart on an M1 Mac and move or zoom the chart.
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Bastian Blankenburg

24-03-01 08:05

reporter   ~0008797

I forgot to mention that it can be substantially improved by turning off the Milky Way display; but even then moving or zooming the chart is quite jumpy, not smooth like e.g. KStars. And I'd also like to turn the Milky Way on.

Patrick Chevalley

24-03-02 13:20

administrator   ~0008798

I never receive specific performance issue with the M1 Mac so it may be something more generic.

The first thing to do is to upgrade to the last beta version available from

Then start Skychart and use the menu Setup / Reset chart and options.
Select the last entry "Set options for best performance" and click OK.

Do this change the performance?

Bastian Blankenburg

24-03-05 08:05

reporter   ~0008802

Maybe moving around (click + drag mouse) got a bit better, but zooming (wheel) is still very jumpy. But I forgot to try with my previous version and settings again to compare, so this is comparing from memory.

In any case, KStars is still much smoother in both zooming and moving.

Bastian Blankenburg

24-03-05 08:12

reporter   ~0008804

FWIW, here's a video showing moving and zooming both in skychart (with the chart settings set to "Set options for best performance" as described above) and KStars.

Patrick Chevalley

24-03-05 18:30

administrator   ~0008805

I look at the video and the speed is what I expect from the program.
A way to avoid the long zooming with the mouse wheel is to change the mouse mode using the dedicated button or the View menu.
This allow to zoom/pan by drawing a box then click inside to confirm. In this mode press the mouse central button to move.

Patrick Chevalley

24-03-06 19:10

administrator   ~0008807

OK, I think I can improve the zooming by modifying the way I manage the object cache when zooming.
I make some more testing and tell you when this is ready for testing with the M1.

Patrick Chevalley

24-03-09 10:12

administrator   ~0008808

The version with improved zooming with the mouse wheel is now available from

For me zooming and panning is now at a rate of 10 frame per second, not smooth for video but OK for this use.

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