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0000519SkyChart1-Softwarepublic11-06-13 14:39
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Summary0000519: Star chart print out appears overly busy
DescriptionOnce again, let me state that I do a lot of binocular viewing and I rely on star colors and asterisms to accomplish star hopping. The print outs of CDC star charts do an excellent job of presenting the star colors in the Setup/Star Display/Line Mode however, each star is encapsulated in a black circle making the printout presentation distractingly busy and cluttered. My other star chart package (sorry about this reference) does not encapsulate the stars and therefore does not appear as busy or cluttered so I use it for my binocular viewing and CDC (because of its technical superiority) for my telescope viewing.
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Patrick Chevalley

10-04-04 16:25

administrator   ~0001100

I agree this can be nice but there is some problem if I just remove this black border.

See the attached image that show two possible problem:
Faint star near a bright star of same color.
White star on white background.

If you remove the black border the stars disappear from the printout.

The first problem can be solved by adding a white border, the same I already do if you print black stars.
But I have no idea for the second.

How do you want to solve that ?

Bob Harris

10-04-04 16:46

reporter   ~0001101

I understand the problem. Since I view under such poor conditions the near star and white star conditions do not effect me. The ability to turn the borders (black or white) on and off by the user would solve the problem for me.

Patrick Chevalley

10-09-28 17:20


star1.jpg (25,991 bytes)
star1.jpg (25,991 bytes)

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