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0000957SkyChart1-Softwarepublic17-10-21 20:28
ReporterOddballAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Product Version3.6 
Target Version4.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0000957: Additional Calendar fields
DescriptionI would like to request the consideration of adding some additional fields (perhaps with a checkbox for "extended data" to turn the calculations and display on and off, if there are concerns about additional runtime resources required), all of which SkyChart already calculates elsewhere in the program.

As always, there are simply respectful requests, and if any one or more is or are implemented, I would be grateful.

General: Allow increments of fractional days, or, like the main button bar, select units, i.e. days vs. hours (bonus: vs. minutes?). This would allow creating much more detailed per-session charts. This is much more useful if some of the other requests are implemented as well.

Jupiter: Galilean moon positioning; a column for each moon, perhaps, or one column like one of the online services does.

Saturn: Ring angle

All objects: Constellation they're "in" at that date and time

Jupiter: Transit and shadow transit dates and times (etc., as you see fit) - I can see an Io shadow transit on 3/10 visually, but being able to see it on a chart well in advance would be amazing.

Mars: feature visibility of major features

Saturn: Transit and shadow transit dates and times, as for Jupiter

Moon: Special feature timing/visibility (crosses, etc.)

Jupiter: GRS visibility (perhaps a simple yes/no column, if the smaller time units request is granted, perhaps multiple sets of the existing rise/culmination/set model, given how fast it rotates compared to our days, perhaps even location on Jupiter's visible disc if anyone has that much interest)

Alternate, if it's easier to code: separate tabs for the transit, shadow transit, GRS visibility, and feature charting, that dynamically generate the dates they apply to, rather than going by a strict one row per N time units formula.d
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Additional InformationEssentially, I'm hoping for a combination of additional "session planning" capability, and being able to look into the future to see when interesting solar system events are happening.
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Patrick Chevalley

12-03-20 10:07

administrator   ~0001987

I think that most of this data must be added to new tables with planet surface condition and satellites location.

This must be done along with 0000495 as some data will be redundant with daily events.

Hugo Valentim

13-02-01 15:50

reporter   ~0002442

May I add another suggestion: could civil twilight be added along with the already contemplated astronomical and nautical?

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