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The selection of the labels to be shown

You can configure the automatic display of labels in SkyChart by Setup → Display → Labels.
You also can set the font type, the font size, color, and which kind of objects to label.
For stars and constellations you can set the type of content to fill the labels.

The modification of labels

You have to set the “Edit label” mode to “on” with the icon. Also, make sure that the display of labels on the chart is enabled by checking that the icon is pressed. Then, if you right-click on a label, a pop-up window will be diplayed with these entries:

  • Move label Move the label at another RA/DEC position. This changes the mouse cursor to a cross, by moving the mouse you can drag the label over the chart until you do a left mouse click in the chart.
  • Offset label Apply an constant offset in pixel to the label position. Work the same as Move label.
  • Edit label a window pops up which enables you to enter a new text as the label.
  • Default label restores the label to its original content and its place.
  • Hide label as it says.
  • Reset All Labels undo all label modifications.

If you want to read more about the pop-up windows from the chart, click here.
To read more about the automatic display of labels, read this.

Add user labels

To add a label, first you need to provoke a pop-up window by a right-click on an object or anywhere on the chart. (If you want more information about the pop-up window, see Pop-up windows.)

In this pop-up window, click on the line “New Label”. Now a dialog box will open with the next items:

  • Label is an input area where you can enter the displayed text of the label.
  • Type is a combo-box where you can choose from which type the labeled object is.
  • Alignment is a radio-button group to position the label near the object.
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