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Object Bar

The object bar is displayed horizontally, just above the chart, under the main bar. It contains the icons that are related to the display of all kinds of things on the chart.

For many buttons on the tools bar you can access the corresponding setting by a right click on the button.

Object Group A

Pictures Group

Object Group B

  • Show Planets is a shortcut for Chart → Show objects → Show Planets.
  • Show Asteroids is a shortcut for Chart → Show objects → Show Asteroids.
  • Show Comets is a shortcut for Chart → Show objects → Show Comets.
  • Show Milky Way is a shortcut for Chart → Show objects → Show Milky Way.

Lines - Grid Group

Marks Group

  • Show Mark is a shortcut for Chart → Lines/Grid → Show Mark.
  • Distance measurement button:

When “Distance measurement” is down, the mouse left click behavior change.
Click on the first point, without releasing the button move the cursor to the second point and release the button.
The distance, position angle, RA and DEC offset is displayed on the left of the status bar.
The first and second point can be any position even without an object. But if an object is identified near the cursor its center position is used instead of the mouse cursor position. In this last case the identification label is show near the object.
Click the “Distance measurement” button again to return to normal cursor use.

  • / Change mouse mode Change the left mouse click behavior: Zoom windows selection, or move/pan.
  • Lock on … is a shortcut for Window → Lock_on....

Drawing mode

  • Change Drawing mode this tool switches the drawing mode of stars and deep sky objects between the three modes: “line”, “photographic” and “parametric”. See Setup → Display Mode.
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