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Observing Tour

This function let you go trough your observing list sequentially and slew the telescope to the different objects.
If you want to slew the telescope to the objects you must be sure to use the observing list selection capabilities to get only objects in observable location right now.

You can use the button to navigate the list or the following keyboard shortcut:

F, HomeFirst object
L, EndLast object
N, Right, Down, PageDownNext object
P, Left, PageUpPrevious object
Ctrl+S, TabSlew to object
IIdentify current object

If you check Activate voice the program also speak the current object name to the computer speaker so you can use this function without looking at the screen, you can even power off the screen, to preserve your night vision

This form is configured to stay on top of the other to maximize the chance it get your key press. But it is alway possible it loss focus because another application go on top, in this case you may have to power the screen to click on the Tour form to get the focus again.

Press the End button when you finish the tour and want to return.

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