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Skychart 4.2.1
25-40 MB
Nov 24 2019
The Skychart software version 4.2.1 with basic catalog data, documentation and translation.
Also take a look at the installation procedure for your platform.
Beta version
Development version The unstable version if you are interested to test the latest features

Additional Catalog

Stars catalogs

Windows setup
Windows zip
Linux Deb
Linux RPM
Linux tar

55-72 MB
Mar 9 2013
This files install all the standard stars catalog down to magnitude 12, variables and double stars:
Sky2000, Tycho2, GCVS, WDS
Search index for SAO, BD, HD, GC
UCAC3 catalog
400MB- 2300MB This files are an extraction of the UCAC3 star catalog with stars down to magnitude 16.
They contain only a part of the original catalog data. For each star it include: identifier, RA, Dec, aperture magnitude, proper motion, approximate color index.
You can get only the stars visible for you. i.e. a northern hemisphere observer can get only the North and Equator files.
Only the stars not in Tycho2 and fainter than magnitude 10 are include. So you must always activate the Tycho2 along with this catalog.
GAIA DR2 catalog

Jun 11 2018
This files install the GAIA DR2 star catalog with stars down to magnitude 21.
The Torrent download is more reliable for this big files.
Download the 3 files and extract all in the same directory. You can install only the first file if you want. See this page for more options
On Windows be careful to not extract the rar files directly in C:\Program Files\Ciel\ as this may pose problem with the user right management.
DSO catalogs

Windows setup
Windows zip
Linux Deb
Linux RPM
Linux tar

30-42 MB
Mar 9 2013
This file install all the standard nebulae catalog, including 1.5 million galaxies PGC2009 :


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