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Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Gyakran ismételt kérdések


:?: Hogyan tudom jobbá tenni a Cartes du Ciel - SkyChart programot?

Ennek több módja van:

  • Ha a legújabb, fejlesztői változatot használod, szólj, ha hibát találsz benne. (legyen az nyelvtani, adatbeli vagy működési hiba)
  • Jelentkezz önkéntesnek az itt található szövegek szerkesztésére, hogy ne legyenek benne hibák.
  • Javíts a program szövegeinek fordításán, vagy fordítsd le ennek a weboldalnak valamelyik oldalát.
  • Ha értesz hozzá, nézd át a programkódot és javasolj módosításokat.
  • Küldd el az ötleteidet a program fejlesztőjének (angolul).


:?: I have Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart version 2.76. What do I need to do to run the new version 3? How many files do I download and do I delete 2.76 first?

You just need to install the version 3.0 beta for Windows in the same directory as the version 2.76. Do not try to install in another directory, and do not delete anything because you can use the two versions at the same time. This is useful as long the V3.0 is not completed. Run cdc.exe for the V3.0 or ciel.exe for the V2.76

:?: Are the earlier catalogs associated with CdC V2.76 compatible with Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart V3.00 beta?

Yes, all these catalogs can be used with the version 3.0

:?: Where do I install the extra catalogues under Linux, in which directory do they go into?

If you can have root rights, it is best to put them in /usr/share/skychart/cat to have them with the basic catalogs. But you can also install them anywhere as long as you specify the full path in the catalog configuration menu.

:?: Can I get Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart software for a Macintosh?

I recently compiled and ran Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart on OSX 10.4/Intel. This is probably also possible with the previous PPC versions. But this still need some work and I am not a Mac user, please contact me if you have some development skill and want to help with this port.

:?: What can I do with MySQL?

MySQL was used as the default database up to the version alpha 7. Since june 2005 it is replaced by the more simple SQLite. You can still use MySQL if required, for example to share the database across a local network. The database is used to store the following data: asteroids and comets elements, object pictures and world locations.


:?: I can sync and slew my telescope via ASCOM telescope interface (LX200 generic driver), but I miss the arrow keys (west, east, south, north and speedsetting) panel. Where can I get the right plugin?

:?: Does Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart V3.0 for Linux support telescope tracking?

Yes, Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart V3.0 for Linux use INDI to interface to the telescope. Any telescope model supported by INDI must work with Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart. Also you can use plugins to interface to ASCOM, Meade protocol or a simple encoder interface.

:?: There is no „follow” and „see” telescope in the telescope menu of the V3.0?

This is replaced by the „lock on” feature (the anchor button). When the telescope is connected and no other object is selected, this button locks on the telescope.

:?: Why is the sky blue?

Because it is daytime ;-) or the Moon is up. You can change that from the configuration menu, Display → Sky colour. Or change the date / time in the program by Setup → Time. Or change the coordinates system from Alt/Az to one of the other systems by a click on one of the icons on the left bar in the Coordinates system group

:?: How can I see a sky chart with simulation of the planets before 3000 B.C?

This is not possible, because we lack a reliable computation method before 3000 BC. Even the JPL long ephemeride DE406 does not go before.

:?: How can I switch the language from English to my language?

Since the version beta the language is detected automatically when you start the program. The menu Setup → System → Language gives you the opportunity to select another language.

:?: Does Cartes du Ciel-SkyChart V3 have DDE support?

Not at the moment. The standard communication protocol for the V3 is TCP/IP for portability reasons. DDE will probably be implemented in the future, maybe as a gateway.

:?: Why are the the fonts with my Linux version too small / too big?

This is a problem with your default Gtk1 setting. There are many ways to solve that. If you use KDE, tell it to use the style for the Gtk applications. You can also use the switch application to change the Gtk theme and fonts. Or for the manual way look at this file.

Common Problems

:?: I've installed CdC V3.0 but program doesn't display stars or objects.

Maybe, you only installed the program. You also have to install the base catalog package. Look at Download page and follow instructions in the Installation of extra catalogs.
Are your star catalogs activated? Make sure they are, see the Stars tab from the Setup → Catalog dialog. Another possibility is that you accidently switched the display of stars off. Check the possibillity of the icon in the object group A of the object bar.
Or maybe the cause is hidden in a troubled display filter. Check your settings in the tab Object Filter from the Setup → Chart, Coordinates dialog.

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