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Table of Contents

Status Bar

You will find the status bar at the bottom of your SkyChart window. It is split in two: the coordinates part at the left, an information summary at the right hand side.


barre_statut_gauche.jpg Here you can find two lines which display the coordinates of the current cursor position at the chart. The line on top will be in the coordination system as you set the chart. The line at the bottom will display the position according to the equatorial coordination system, except when you set your chart to use the equatorial coordination system. Then it will display the position in the altitude - azimuth coordination system.

You can easily change the coordinate system of the displayed chart with the buttons of the coordinate system group at the left of your chart.
For the displayed equatorial coordinates in your chart, you can also choose the equinox to base your equatorial coordinate system on by the tab Chart, Coordinates from the Setup → Chart, Coordinates dialog box.

After you selected an object, this part of the status bar will display a summary of the detailed information from the catalog about this object:


  • Equatorial coordinates of the object. You can determine which of the equatorial coordinate types is to be displayed by setting this in the lower part of the first tab in Setup → Chart, Coordinates → Chart, Coordinates.
  • The first part of the detailed information (It will start with the catalog short name, the object identification and further characteristics of the object. The type is coded as defined in the list of objects.)
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