Scheduled For Release 19-06-09
0002001: [General] CCDCiel never show DSLR DNG file in preview windows
0002022: [General] Suggestion: keep track of targets in sequence (Patrick Chevalley)
0002003: [General] probleme connection dslr ascom en mode canon sdk
0002008: [General] Suggestion: in sequence, specify minimum angle to the moon (Patrick Chevalley)
0002030: [General] Suggestion: assign weight to targets in sequence before running (Patrick Chevalley)
0001894: [General] Flexibility in sequence editing while running (Patrick Chevalley)
0002019: [General] Suggestion: add option to cancel exposure when PhD deviates too much (Patrick Chevalley)
0001978: [General] Adding a "pause" button to control a sequence (Patrick Chevalley)
0002025: [General] Suggestion : cancel exposure button (Patrick Chevalley)
0002026: [General] Suggestion : pause sequence button (Patrick Chevalley)
0001881: [General] Add enable/disable button "Edit plan" dialog (Patrick Chevalley)
0001880: [General] Show "time elapsed" and "estimated remaining time" on a sequence (Patrick Chevalley)
0001890: [General] Win10 c:\windows\system32\bash.exe execution (Patrick Chevalley)
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