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    PIDProjectSeverityStatusResolutionTarget VersionUpdated Summary
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.219-01-15Screen fonts, highlights not visible against window background color when Mac "Appearance" set to "Dark"
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-11-17Choosing "All configuration options" generates error message
no change required18-11-13Double star dupication at zoom
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-11-13Planet date label crowding in simulation
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-11-12Access Violation when trying to select a font MacOS
fixed4.218-11-01Strange behavior of right click menu
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-10-12Search does not find HR6927 but it will find Chi Dra.
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-10-09Bionic require signature to be executed before adding repository
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
unable to reproduce18-10-09Comets do not always appear on sky charts
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open5.018-10-09Add Planisphere Circles with Months and Days
won't fix18-10-09New Mantis - unreadability problem
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open5.018-10-09Implementation of Astrometry in images with Sky Chart.
open5.018-10-09Fcitx Input method - double characters on input in CDC
open5.018-10-09PDF help - it and uk
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-10-09Julian date conversion - rounding bug
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required18-10-09Connecting EQ6 mount with Skychart via Indi drivers
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required18-10-09cu_catalog - suspicious unconditional loop break
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-10-09Constellations lines not drawn according to common practice
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
won't fix18-10-09Update does not download
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-10-09Fedora build error
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.418-10-09Trajectories simulation labelling
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.218-10-04Non relevant warning message for asteroids.
feedback (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.418-10-03Change in Display dialog box behavior
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
unable to reproduce18-10-03CDC 4 only shows RA on the X axis
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.418-10-03Artificial satellites tab - new columns suggestions