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    PIDProjectSeverityStatusResolutionTarget VersionUpdated Summary
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.420-04-18Custom comet mark on chart can no be updated
feedback (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.420-03-22Comet tracking, value is wrong
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open20-03-18It would be nice to have a link that would automatically update exoplanet names
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed20-03-16Update -> Asteroid Elements fails with 404 error
open20-02-27Asteroids not showing when checked
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required20-02-16Cannot find the data directory when starting up
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed20-02-12Error when compiling source on RPi4
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.420-02-12Would like to display LHA
no change required20-02-07UCAC4-catalog-v2 patchy popultaion when zoom in.
open20-02-02Build failures on Fedora arch ppc64le
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
unable to reproduce20-01-31Printing with PGC/LEDA catalog prints all objects in catalog regardless of magnitude limits
no change required20-01-31Sky map not changing when increment time with Equatorial coordinates
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required20-01-31Display problem on charts
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.420-01-26Could not load library
open20-01-18Control button icons do not display, only black and white marks
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required20-01-05cometes, they are not loaded
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.420-01-04Innacurate drawing of Double Stars when the Washington Double Star catalog is selected.
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open20-01-01Chart coordinates reset to last selected object
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required20-01-01No common names for stars
no change required20-01-01Unable to search constellations by name, unable to search stars by common names
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
not fixable4.419-12-31Windows XP 32bit - Skychart 4.3-4090 32bit doesn't install
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open4.419-12-29Create blurred surface outlines catalogs with catgen
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.419-12-15Cartes du Ciel is disconnecting from INDI our telescope driver when GoTo destination rejected
won't fix19-12-01Implementation Suggestion. Sequential blink and astrometry in multiple files.
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.419-11-30'skychart' has broken version information on macOS