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    PIDProjectSeverityStatusResolutionTarget VersionUpdated Summary
no change required22-10-21Sidereal Time seems to be 1 minute delayed.
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required22-10-21Positions of minor Saturn Satellites are off
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed22-10-21Strange behaviour for catalog build with catgen
  0002544SkyChart feature
assigned (Patrick Chevalley)
open22-06-08Add support for ASCOM driver that work only in Alt/Az
no change required22-05-19Telescope chooser options not appearing in x64 version
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required22-05-14Cartes du Ciel suddenly takes 40 secs to open when it used to take about 3.
no change required22-04-19Night mode? - not really quite there yet.
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.422-04-13Error when starting Ciel 4.3
fixed22-04-11Tweak for u_290.pas
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.422-04-11HTTPS download do not work when only libssl version 3 is installed
unable to reproduce22-04-11Planisphere F3 reorients saved chart after "Set Chart" + Print
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
won't fix22-04-11Comet 342P displayed behind the Sun during a transit
unable to reproduce22-04-11limiting magnitude in FOV 4
unable to reproduce22-04-11asteroids and comets not shown
  0002469SkyChart minor
fixed22-04-11Button to lock the magnitude filter at the current value
fixed22-04-11Skychart (Carte Du Ciel) - disconnects from ASCOM after remaining connected for a few minutes
duplicate22-04-11lost solar system image
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.422-04-11In some configuration screens text may overlap or not be visible
won't fix22-04-11Set PC clock time by telescope clock
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed22-03-25Unable to open solar system settings window
open22-03-09Ability to create and use custom text catalogues with Catgen
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed22-03-03Incorrect transit time of the Moon
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.422-01-14Automatic catalog generation with CatGen
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
fixed4.422-01-12Parsing and processing artificial satellite file TLE.ZIP results in error: YYYY-M-DD is not a valid date specification.
resolved (Patrick Chevalley)
no change required21-12-04Unable to run - reports administrator mode