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Table of Contents can be used to solve the image you just take with your camera. Astrometric solving will give the exact astronomical position of the image center, its orientation and size.

CCDciel requires a local copy of the software including the indexes on your computer. It can also run on a remote host using the provided script.

At page you can find detailed instructions how to install the software and indexes.


On Linux is probably packaged by your distribution. This is the easiest and preferred way to install the software.
For example on Debian or Ubuntu just do:

 sudo apt-get install

Then to install some indexes:

 sudo apt-get install astrometry-data-2mass-08-19 astrometry-data-2mass-07


For macOS a good solution is to install using Homebrew.
Follow the instructions to install Homebrew itself.
Then to install type the following in a terminal:

brew install astrometry-net

To install the indexes you need in a directory in your Documents folder run in a terminal:

mkdir Documents/astrometry
cd Documents/astrometry
curl -O[08-19].fits

Repeat with “index-4207-[00-11].fits” if you need more indexes.
Next edit the file /usr/local/etc/astrometry.cfg, search a line that begin with “add_path” and replace the path by “/Users/[your user name]/Documents/astrometry”.
In the CCDciel Preferences at the astrometry tab, enter /usr/local/bin in the field “command path”.

Another option if you already have packaged with another application is to use the custom script option.
In the CCDciel Preferences at the astrometry tab:

  • Check Use custom script
  • Enter the script name: /Applications/CCDciel/scripts/
  • You can modify the script to set the application path, by default it is /Applications/


A number of Windows package include a fully automated install of Cygwin and and it is best to get one of them. CCDciel do not use this applications but the they install. Cygwin is a tool required to run a compiled version of under Windows.

The following list indicate tested application and give the Cygwin path you must configure in the astrometry preferences.
At the time of writing all these application use the same 2010 version 0.38 of

  • ANSVR, set Cygwin path to C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\cygwin_ansvr
    Install up to step 10 as indicated in the web based instruction.
  • Astrotortilla, set Cygwin path to C:\cygwin
  • All sky plate solver, set Cygwin path to C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Astrometry
  • Windows subsystem for Linux, let you use a more recent version of but it require you install the 64 bits version of CCdciel.
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