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PlateSolve 2

PlateSolve 2 can be used to solve the image you just taken with your camera. Astrometric solving wil give the exact astronomical position of the image center, its orientation and size.

Look at the program page for instruction

Download and install the program and download and extract on of the two available star catalogs e.g. the UCAC3 in a sub folder. Configure the star catalog in the PlateSolve2 program. Then configure the program path in CCDciel.

You could test its operation manually by loading an image in PlateSolve2. It requires an position and image dimensions if not contained in the image header.

Linux and Mac

This is a Windows only software but it run on Linux with Wine.

Use winetricks to install the required VB6 dependency:

winetricks vb6run

To install Wine on Linux or macOS see Wine web pages.

On Linux the best way is to install the wine packages provided by your distribution.

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