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TCP/IP Status server

You can connect locally or remotely to get information about the program.
There is three way to get the information:

Simple socket command

The program listen on port 3277 and use the following command:

status Return the devices connection status
sequence Return information about current sequence
capture The capture information in the status bar
log The last 10 lines of the current log
quit disconnect from the server

For example:

$ telnet localhost 3277
Connected to localhost.
OK! id=1

Planetarium connected, Autoguider guiding, Devices connected

Targets: test1 Plan: L-3x2 Start step R

Seq: 2 Exp: 19 sec. Saved /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161453.fits 1392x1040

17:14:07:Starting Light exposure 3 for 20 seconds
17:14:27:Saved file /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161427.fits
17:14:27:Stop capture
17:14:33:Start step R
17:14:33:Start capture
17:14:33:Starting Light exposure 1 for 20 seconds
17:14:53:Saved file /home/pch/Capture/M13_Red_20180217_161453.fits
17:14:53:Starting Light exposure 2 for 20 seconds

Connection closed by foreign host.

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